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  • Aluminum Ramp & U Frame

    • Permanent Installation
    • Structural Aluminum ramp is drilled into subfloor to create a surface frame
    • Optional U frame is used to divide larger areas into manageable sections
    • Perfect for supermarkets where carts or heavy handling equipment is used

  • Edging Glue

    Super glue for applying safety edging to the perimeter of our mats.

  • Pro Grip Pads

    Reduces mat movement on hard surfaces

  • Safety Edging

    Heavy duty vinyl reducer that is applied around the perimeter of matting to comply with ADA regulations

  • Storage Cores

    9" diameter fiber core for storing the mats

(888) 331-3100


1 Fairchild Court Suite 290
Plainview, NY 11803

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1 Fairchild Court Suite 290 Plainview, NY 11803

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