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Proform™ delivers a positive and professional first impression, with quality and workmanship that lasts for years.

Stock and custom tailored entry matting improves the look and safety of your establishment. Proform™ is the greenest way to clean — stopping dirt at the door 24–7.

Proform™ Designs, Creates and Connects Your Brand With Your Customers.

Proform specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing Class A matting solutions for discerning customers who value high-quality products & design. We focus on addressing safety and interior damage concerns while enhancing the appearance of Class A lobbies. Our major markets include four and five-star hotels, office buildings, universities, residential high-rise, country clubs, hospitals, and retail chains.

When it comes to entry matting, we understand the importance of making a positive first impression on guests, employees, visitors, clients, and tenants. While architects create facilities and designers select flooring, furnishings, and lighting to shape the property's image, matting decisions are often made without the proper support needed to maintain the facility's overall design.

We survey, design, and install coast to coast.

At Proform, we take pride in our unique old-school approach to collaboration with our customers. We prioritize prompt responses to phone calls and emails. Our extensive design support provides clients with the necessary tools to make informed matting decisions for their property. By simply emailing us a CAD or PDF floor plan, we can create multiple matting layout options. Similarly, if you send us photos, we can provide photo renditions to showcase how impressive your lobby matting can look.

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression.

The Proform design team will guide you through the process to help you achieve the perfect look & fit- guaranteed.

Proform™ Mats Meet LEEDS and ADA standards.

Give our Design Team a call to get started at 888.331.3100.

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Proform Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Proform Projects and Products.

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Proformmat offers premium matting and commercial carpets that are perfect for creating a positive and professional first impression at your hotel, country club, arena, stadium, office building, hospital, retail chain, supermarket, or school.

Proform Principles

Proform operates based on guiding principles that shape our work. Our primary goal is to create a beautiful entrance that seamlessly complements the interior design and architecture of the building. We are committed to improving LEEDS cleaning programs by preventing dirt at the door without relying on chemicals, labor, or energy. Understanding our clients' needs is crucial, and we strive to help them achieve the best solutions in terms of safety, layout design, color, green cleaning, floor protection, transport, storage, and re-assembly. Moreover, we are dedicated to working within budget constraints while consistently delivering exceptional results.

Learn how Proform™ can help you make a Great First Impression.

We build matting solutions based upon unique client needs. Solutions include mats used only during inclement weather, mats that are removable but generally left in place around revolving or swing doors or matting permanently glue down installed in vestibules or in recess wells.

Finalizing a plan is a collaborative effort involving facility management, ownership, and the Proform design team. We guarantee customer delight and eagerly look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Our goal is to help our consuming customers and distributor partners deliver quality products, design, branding, installation, & fit for customers that value quality solutions.

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