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Proform™ delivers a positive and professional first impression, with quality and workmanship that lasts for years.

Stock and custom tailored entry matting improves the look and safety of your establishment. Proform™ is the greenest way to clean — stopping dirt at the door 24–7.

Proform Reseller Program

The Proform Dealer Marketing Strategy

The Consultative Selling Dilemma

Typical matting manufacturers ask their distributors & DSRs to sell their products with little support, training, or design capability. The only way to implement that plan is to keep the proposition simple (squares and oblongs) & keep it cheap.

That strategy does not provide Class A properties the kind of solution they deserve, need, & are willing to purchase.

Proform is dierent. We focus on the top 10% of your customers that appreciate quality, with large lobbies, & budgets, who value vendors that can deliver Class A solutions

Proform is focused on the largest Class A consuming customers; oce buildings, stadiums, 4 & 5 star hotels, retail chain, hospitals, country clubs, & universities. These are customers with large lobbies, multiple entries, large budgets who appreciate value added consultative solutions.

We value your DSR relationships and contacts. Instead of asking DSRs to sell a product that is not their core talent we ask them to get Proform to the right place at the right time. We along with our local sales team will provide the expertise to deliver your customers a quality Proform designed solution.

Our dealers generate Class A property leads by emailing The Look of Proform marketing pieces and making sure that their sales team calls upon Proform talent at their Class A properties.

Proform Services:
• Local sales talent
• CAD floor plan take offs
• Photo renditions
• Sales & project management
• Product samples
• Create complete client estimates on behalf of our dealer partners
• Installation from coast to coast
• Follow up to close

Send Proform class A leads. Proform will deliver your sales team delighted customers and larger sales.

Download The Proform Dealer Marketing Strategy HERE

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