Building sustainable solutions for a greener environment

Proform™ engineered entry matting is designed to make a bold and exciting statement about your facility. High quality matting, well designed, & installed, reduces the risk of trip and fall & adds years to the useful life of interior & exterior surfaces... an intelligent green decision.

Proform™ products are engineered to last up to 5 times longer than alternative economy products... keeping them out of the waste stream... an intelligent green decision.

Proform™ matting improves air quality by holding dust & dirt in place without energy, manpower, or cleaning chemicals... there is no greener way to clean.

Proform™ natural recycled rubber backing & 20% post consumer recycled polypropylene face deliver quality, functionality, durability, & sustainability.

Proform™ contributes to LEED building certification under Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, & Innovation & Design Process.

Possible LEED Credits

IEQ Credit 4.1 (1 point)
IEQ Credit 4.3 (1 point)
IEQ Credit 5 (1 point)
MR Credit 4 (1-2 points)
Recycled Content (Post-Consumer): 20%

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