Areas such as revolving doors, wall to wall in vestibules, recessed wells, or unique walk patterns may require installation.  Installation can be performed by our Certified Proform Installers, a local carpet installer, or even qualified facility personnel.  Installation creates additional cost, however, it creates a safer, more attractive, & more functional matting solution.  Our goal is to collaborate with your facilities management to help them implement the best choice for your facility.   Our solutions range from loose laid mats that are used only during inclement weather to glue down permanent installations and everything in between. Proform will make sure that the mats are the right size and weight to meet the transport and storage needs of your staff.  Ask about our Storage Cores and ProGrip Pads which help keep your matting stored properly and minimize mat movement. 

Below find a list of worksheets to help you measure unique shaped mats.  As always, feel free to call us and we'll be happy to help.


How to measure an elevator

How to measure a parallelogram

How to measure unique angles

How to measure the material need around a curved desk

How to apply adhesive to safety edging video